Dons News · CIF Sports Calendars

The following is the calendar of official start dates that CIF released for the 2020-2021 school year. It is important to understand that the start date listed, is for competition. If given prior approval, workouts and practices can and will begin prior to the beginning of the start of the season. Due to COVID, there will be 2 seasons as opposed to the 3 seasons that we typically have.

Fall Sports

Boy’s/Girl’s Cross Country- December 26

Football- January 7. Padded Practice December 14

Traditional Competitive Cheer- No Established Date

Boy’s Volleyball- December 12

Girl’s Volleyball- December 19

Boy’s Water Polo- December 21

Girl’s Water Polo- December 28

Spring Sports

Baseball- March 19

Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball- March 12

Boy’s and Girl’s Golf- March 20

Boy’s and Girl’s Soccer- February 27

Softball- March 19

Boy’s and Girl’s Swim- March 13

Boy’s Tennis- March 1

Girl’s Tennis- February 22

Wrestling- March 5